The SMALLEST Bench Power Supply

The SMALLEST Bench Power Supply



Want to keep your power supply in a drawer when not used? Need a power supply on the go? What if you can power your power supply form a power bank? It gets even better – you can power your soldering iron to!

PD powered bench power supply. Hence the main power supply can be delivered by a phone charger, a power bank or a car adapter, this small form factor adjustable power supply is very versatile; thanks to the QC 3.0 module this PSU can power your soldering iron (i.e. TS80), fume extractor, LED light, etc.

PD module: (15/20V), max output 100W
QC module: 24W (9-32V DC input, output: 5V@3.4A, 9V@2.5A, 12V@2A)
Power Station: Working Voltage:DC 5V-30V
Output Voltage: DC 0.6V-30V
Output current: 0~4.0A

Available in two versions

  1. DIY version (comes in a kit form ready for you to assemble)
  2. Pre-assembled (ready to use)

Kit includes the below items:

1x CNC DC DC Buck Boost Converter interface
1x Case
4x Anti slip rubber pads
1x PD module (15/20V), max output 100W
1x QC module 24W (9-32V DC input, output: 5V@3.4A, 9V@2.5A, 12V@2A)
1x XT 30 male and female pair
4x Good quality wires
1x Square LED indicator (3.3V) + Heat shrink + 910R (20V) resistor + 2.2K resistor (for higher voltages).
2 x banana female connectors
1x Terminal rings for banana connectors


  • High quality heat sink
  • Multiple parameters are displayed simultaneous
  • Enabled/disabled output
  • Automatic buck/boost voltage
  • Constant voltage constant current output
  • Solar charging
  • Lock output current
  • Support anti-reverse protection
  • Support anti-backflow protection
  • Support output short circuit protection
  • Support over-voltage protection
  • Support over-current protection
  • Support over power protection
  • Support over temperature protection
  • Support display input voltage
  • Support display output voltage, current, power
  • Support working status indicator


  • Product Name: XY-SK35 Step UP Down Power Supply Module
  • Product Number: XY-SK35
  • Working Voltage:DC 5V-30V
  • Output Voltage: DC 0.6V-30V
  • Output current: 0~4.0A
  • Output Power: 35W under natural heat dissipation
  • Voltage Display Precision:0.5%
  • Voltage Display Resolution: 0.01V
  • Current Display Precision: 0.8%
  • Voltage Display Resolution: 0.001A
  • Conversion efficiency: About 88%
  • Anti-reverse Protection: Yes
  • Anti-backflow Protection: Yes
  • Short Circuit Protection: Yes
  • Work frequency: 180KHz
  • Over-temperature Protection:100℃
  • Working Temperature range:-20℃~100℃
  • Working Humidity range:0%-95%RH
  • Size:79*43*48mm

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 6 cm

DIY Version, Pre-Assembled



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