Mini Tesla Coil Kit

Mini Tesla Coil Kit


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Tesla coils produce high-temperature and high-pressure plasma, many fun and interesting scientific experiments can be done with this. Good little fun project for a low price.

Input voltage: 9-12V, can be started with 9V battery, but if there is an arc, the working voltage needs 12V.
PCB board size: 4CM*3.1CM

DIY Kits Included:

1 x PCB board
1 x Coil
2 x 3MM LED Blue
1 x DC005 seat
2 x 105 monolithic capacitor
1 x 8*8 self-locking switch
2 x 10K resistor
1 x 15*10*20 small heat sink
1 x 3*6 screw
1 x BD243
1 x Bubble
4 x M2*4 screw
4 x M2*7 double pass copper column

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Dimensions 15 × 10 × 6 cm



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