FNIRSI HS-02 Smart Soldering Iron 100W Kit

FNIRSI HS-02 Smart Soldering Iron 100W Kit


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FNIRSI HS-02B Smart Soldering Iron-B model, High-power 100W with quick charging PD/QC protocol wide temperature range 100-450℃ featuring adaptive power efficiency 0.96 IPS HD colour screen.

There are two types, HS-02A and HS-02B. We sell the B version, which has a 2 second heat up time and a bigger tip allowing more heat transfer. The HS-02B takes a 245 style tip whereas the HS-02A takes a 210 style tip.


  • High-Power & Fast Charging: The HS-02B Smart Soldering Iron provides a robust 100W power supply, and supports PD/QC protocol for quick and efficient charging.
  • Wide Temperature Range: With a temperature range of 100-450℃, it caters to diverse soldering needs.
  • Advanced Display: The device features a 0.96” IPS HD colour screen for detailed and easy-to-understand performance monitoring.
  • Energy Efficient: It boasts an adaptive power adjusting feature, which ensures efficient and safe power output.
  • Convenience & Durability: Designed with a CNC metal shell, this device offers durability and a handy one-click standby mode.

Brand: FNIRSI HS-02B
Working Voltage: 9-20V
Temperature Range: 100-450℃
Screen: 0.96 IPS HD colour screen
Weight: 61g
Power Supply: Type-C
Fast Charging Protocol: PD/QC
Power: 100W(max)
Soldering Iron Tip: HS-02B-KU
Body Material: CNC Aluminium Alloy + Silicone

Product List (HS-02b):
1 x HS-02B Smart Soldering Iron
1 x Type-C Power Cable
1 x HS-02B-KU Soldering Iron Tip
1 x Carry Case
1 x Stand
1 x User Manual

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 30 cm